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【 This set includes the following products 】
・Aladdin Graphite Grill & Toaster - White x1
・Recipe Book for Aladdin Graphite Grill and Toaster (in Traditional Chinese) x1

0.2s Instant Heating, No Preheating Required • Aladdin Graphite Grill & Toaster

Japan's First and Patented • Far Infrared Graphite Heating Tube Technology

Aladdin Japan holds the patent for Far Infrared Graphite technology, which utilizes a heating tube made from graphite crystallization forming a polyimide heat-conducting film. This results in a thermal conductivity ten times that of iron! Coupled with the design of reflective plates inside the oven, it ensures rapid heating and even heat projection onto the food, effectively raising the internal temperature of the oven.

The Secret of Crispy Exterior and Tender Interior

Far Infrared Graphite possesses higher heat transfer efficiency compared to other heating materials (such as carbon, tungsten, quartz, and conventional metal heating tubes). Its wavelength of only 2μm provides strong penetration, rapidly heating food for more even cooking.

Customized Accessories for Tailored Cooking

Comes with a dual-purpose baking tray, round rack, and square rack, allowing for various cooking methods. Experience baking, grilling, and steaming now!

• 0.2-second rapid heating, no preheating required
Patented technology, graphite heating tube manufactured in Japan
Equipped with 1 graphite heating tube and 2 quartz heating tubes
10L internal capacity
Temperature can reach 330°C with the easy-to-clean dual-purpose baking tray
Baking, grilling, steaming, and oil-free frying are all possible
Product dimensions: W350mm x H235mm x D334mm
Internal dimensions: W310mm x D285mm x H87mm


Product Specifications
Dimensions W350mm×H235mm×D334mm
Weight 10KG~ (net weight)

10L internal capacity
Dual-layer glass door design
Baking, grilling, steaming, and oil-free frying functions
Removable crumb tray

Heating Method 1 graphite heating tube and 2 quartz heating tubes
Temperature Range 100 to 280 degrees Celsius
Temperature can reach 330°C with the easy-to-clean dual-purpose baking tray
Power Consumption Maximum 1530W
Voltage 220-240V
Plug Type HK / UK three-pin plug

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