BALMUDA The Pure (White)


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Spread Clean Air Throughout Every Corner of Your Room

The upright design of the BALMUDA Air Purifier features an exclusive structure that achieves a large airflow reaching the ceiling. While circulating indoor air, it utilizes the TrueHEPA filter to filter 99.97% of suspended particles as small as 0.3 microns. It also comes with an activated carbon deodorizing filter that can absorb an area equivalent to six football fields, swiftly removing unpleasant odors. BALMUDA The Pure provides clean air for a comfortable living space for every user.

*1: Tested based on the total material contained in the activated carbon deodorizing filter



With powerful suction, it purifies the air in every corner of the room! BALMUDA The Pure sends out clean air upwards while drawing in a large amount of air from the opening at the bottom of the main body. Thanks to the PUSH & PULL design, indoor air circulation is accelerated, purifying 7,000 liters of air per minute *1.

The BALMUDA The Pure, equipped with airfoil-shaped blades on its fan, utilizes a technology previously only used in airplane engines, applied to the product through fluid dynamics and design. With this technology, it can circulate a large amount of air quietly.

The Purifying Light Column

The brightness of the BALMUDA The Pure's bottom light column varies with the strength of the clean air flow. With a minimalist design, the main body incorporates light as part of the design. Through the light column, indoor air remains clean continuously, and the brightness of the light column dims as the indoor light darkens.

Intuitive Operation Status

When operating, BALMUDA The Pure emits a thin light in a completely dark living room at midnight, indicating continuous air purification. It can also completely turn off the light when used in dark rooms and other places.

Sleek Presence

In the living room or bedroom, naturally, the focus is on people, along with everyday furniture. BALMUDA deliberately reduces its presence, pursuing minimalistic simplicity. With a footprint of only about the size of an A4 sheet of paper, it doesn't feel cumbersome when placed alongside other furniture.

Simple Operation

All operations can be completed using the three buttons on the top. The pleasant operation sound also provides a comfortable user experience.

Automatic Mode: Equipped with built-in sensors, it can automatically control the airflow.
Manual Mode: Allows setting of three levels of airflow.
Jet Clean Mode: Maximum airflow mode. Due to the powerful circulating airflow, indoor air is effectively purified.


Easy Maintenance, Washable

Cleaning the BALMUDA The Pure is simple; you can easily remove dust-collecting parts for cleaning to keep it clean at all times.

Usage Instructions

Continuous use for 24 hours is recommended. When operating in automatic mode, the built-in sensor will automatically sense the indoor air condition and purify the air in the most suitable mode, maintaining a comfortable living space at all times.

Operate During Cleaning for Extra Cleanliness

During cleaning, it is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner and the jet clean mode simultaneously. When used together with a vacuum cleaner, it can effectively attract airborne dust and suspended particles, achieving more efficient indoor air purification.

Rapid Deodorization

When you want to eliminate the lingering odors after cooking or eating, the jet clean mode can strongly attract indoor air, quickly removing the bothersome odors through the activated carbon filter.

Place at the Entrance to Prevent Pollen Invasion

Pollen attaches to clothes outdoors and can invade indoor spaces upon returning home. During pollen season, you can place The Pure at the entrance. Using the jet clean mode, it quickly removes pollen, preventing it from entering the indoors. Immediately after returning home, shake clothes at the entrance to remove pollen before it falls to the floor, achieving better results.

Use with Air Conditioning for Quick and Easy Temperature Control

Due to the large airflow of BALMUDA The Pure, it can accelerate indoor air circulation, eliminating the temperature difference caused by using air conditioners or heaters. Additionally, it can improve the efficiency of air conditioners and heaters, achieving energy-saving effects.


The filters of BALMUDA The Pure can attract a large amount of suspended particles and dust. To maintain its original performance, it is recommended to replace the filter once a year.


Product Specifications
Size W260mm×H700mm×D260mm
Weight 7KG~ (main unit)
Power Consumption 2~72W
Voltage 220-240V
Plug Type HK / UK three-pin plug

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