Recipe Book for Aladdin Graphite Grill and Toaster (in Traditional Chinese)

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Instant Heat • Time-saving!
Save cooking time and enjoy more happy moments!

• Time and Space-saving! Stunning Variety of Dishes in Just 15 Minutes!

Using an oven always requires preheating, waiting, wasting time and electricity? Countless restrictions with small ovens limit the variety of dishes? Four experienced authors - "戀上味覺", "東主有喜", "木瓜廚房", and "Allie" personally demonstrate the use of the all-new Aladdin Graphite Grill and Toaster, which can make a wide variety of dishes in just 15 minutes, without preheating, utilizing every possible function, and creating dishes from various cuisines.

• Essential for Lazy Cooks! Easy and Delicious Dishes with Zero Difficulty

Cooking can be troublesome? It's much simpler with a mini oven! No need to take care, no need for skills, just cut and place the ingredients, add seasonings, put them in the mini oven, set the time, and you're ready to eat! No need for complex cooking techniques, anyone can make lazy dishes with this method.

• Not Just Bread and Desserts! Snacks, Appetizers, Western and Eastern Main Dishes, Classic Baked Rice

Think Aladdin Graphite Grill and Toaster can only make bread and desserts? With some imagination, you can make various exquisite snacks and appetizers, cook barbecue, and even use it as a rice cooker! The book includes over 40 exquisite recipes, with detailed preparation steps and chef's tips, so even those without cooking experience won't be afraid!

• Break the Limits! Follow the Chef's Tips for Unlimited Culinary Creations

Feel limited when using the oven to cook? By using small accessories, not only can you save a lot of cleaning time, but you can also increase the heat, allowing the mini oven to cook high-heat meat dishes, with a crispy exterior and juicy interior, making every bite a delicious enjoyment.

• Toast Crispy on the Outside, Soft on the Inside in 30 Seconds! The Secret of Aladdin High-speed Oven's Instant Heat

Think it's just an ordinary mini oven? The Aladdin high-speed oven can toast "crispy on the outside, soft on the inside" bread in just 30 seconds, thanks to its patented graphite heating tube. The book contains hidden knowledge, expanding your horizons!

Author Introduction


Love food, love homemade.
Enjoy the happiness from the taste. Love baking, see making bread as a stress-relieving activity and share it thoroughly with netizens.
Always say: Happy sharing, sharing happiness!


Has loved cooking since childhood and dreamed of having her own kitchen. Now not only has her own little world, but also is a mother of two. Likes to cook by herself, doesn't have the superb skills of a top chef, only uses ordinary ingredients, but aims to show her love for the family in the ordinary.


A middle-aged office worker who likes to cook, good at Chinese, Italian, and family dishes. Likes to cook while drinking beer.


Cooking is a kind of enjoyment. Once you start, you will be intoxicated, and you will want to try to cook more delicious food.


Product Specifications
Dimensions W165mm×H220mm
Pages 112 pages
Number of Tutorials and Recipes

42 recipes

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