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One Machine for Quick Homemade Soy Milk, Hot Soup, and Smoothie

Upgrade version suitable for 2 - 3 people. New reservation and cleaning functions

The upgraded Hot Soup Blender Pro from BRUNO, with a larger capacity of 600ml, adds 1 - 11 hour reservation and cleaning functions, making the cooking process easier. A versatile machine for quick homemade soy milk, hot soup, and shaved ice, allowing you to enjoy cooking all year round!

Soy Milk Mode: Make soy milk
Boiled Soup Mode: Make various types of herbal tea
Blended Soup Mode: Make thick soup and baby food
Smoothie Mode: Make juice, shaved ice, and milkshakes
Cleaning Function: Clean with water and detergent
Reservation Function: Reserve for 1 - 11 hours (except for shaved ice mode)

◆ 600ml suitable for 2 - 3 people

◆ New reservation and cleaning functions added

◆ High-efficiency DC silent motor and glass top cover window make the cooking process easier

Size Comparison:
Upgrade Multi-function Hot Soup and Soy Milk Machine (600ml) (Left): Approximately W170 x D150 x H245mm
Multi-function Hot Soup and Soy Milk Machine (350ml) (Right): Approximately W103 x D124 x H241mm

Product Specifications
Dimensions W170mm×H245mm×D150mm
Weight 1.3KG~ (Machine only)
Capacity Approximately 600ml
Power Consumption 600W (heating) / 80W (stirring)
Voltage 220-240V
Plug Type HK / UK Standard Three-Prong Plug
Included Accessories Power cord, measuring spoon, and brush

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