BRUNO Woodhouse Clock - White BCW042-WH


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Interesting House-Shaped Clock with Unique Accent Colors! BRUNO Mini House Desk Clock

  • The wood grain texture and adorable house-shaped design are its highlights.
  • It not only naturally blends into the indoor environment but also becomes a focal point of indoor decoration.
  • It features a dual-use design, suitable for wall mounting or table placement, depending on your needs.
  • It features a dual-use design, allowing for flexible installation based on your needs.
  • There is a clock hanging hole on the back for wall mounting.
  • It adopts a continuous second hand design with very quiet operation, suitable for use in places like bedrooms.
  • Uses 1 AAA battery
  • It not only naturally blends into the indoor environment but also becomes a highlight of indoor decoration!
Product Specifications
Dimensions W155mm×H220mm×D70mm
Weight 290g
Material Body: Natural Wood
Function Continuous Second Hand
※ The continuous second hand is a type of second hand that moves smoothly and quietly. Unlike the "tick-tock" sound, you may hear a slight "sizzle" sound (sound perception may vary).
Battery 1 AAA battery

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