BRUNO Simple Metal Wall Clock - Blue Gray


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Muted Wall Clock with a Sophisticated Touch! BRUNO Simple Metal Wall Clock

  • This is a wall-mounted clock with a subdued matte tone and a solid feel.
  • The clock features a calm matte tone, creating a deep impression.
  • Simple golden hands and thick steel material elevate its taste in interior decoration.
  • Inspired by small stones, the scale design is randomly arranged, simple yet uniquely striking.
  • Under the muted matte tone, the golden hands stand out, creating a clean and elegant design.
  • Inspired by small stones, the scale design protrudes prominently, becoming a focal point.
  • Operates with 1 AAA battery.
Product Specifications
Dimensions W300mm×H300mm×D30mm
Weight 510g
Material Body: Steel, ABS Resin
Function Continuous Second Hand
※ The continuous second hand is a type of second hand that moves smoothly and quietly. Unlike the "tick-tock" sound, you may hear a slight "sizzle" sound (sound perception may vary).
Battery 1 AAA battery

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