BRUNO Cupcake Plate (for Compact Hot Plate)


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Make 8 Homemade Cupcakes at Once!

The Cupcake plate features 8 small cupcake molds, allowing you to quickly bake multiple cupcakes at once. You can also use cupcake liners or silicone molds, saving cleaning time. Once baked, decorate the cupcakes with cream, chocolate pens, or sliced fruit for a beautiful afternoon tea treat, perfect for entertaining guests!

You can choose to use liners or bake directly in the molds.

Paired with the Compact Hot Plate's exclusive glass lid, the baking process becomes more visible!

・Compatible with BRUNO Compact Hot Plate BOE021
・Non-stick surface
・8-grid design, bake 8 cupcakes at once


Product Specifications
Dimensions W300mm×H44mm×D205mm
Weight 1KG~

Die-cast aluminum

Features Non-stick surface

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