BRUNO Glass Lid (for Compact Hot Plate)


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Watch the Cooking Process Authentically and Make Your Guests Anticipate More!

Made of heat-resistant glass, it allows you and your guests to see the cooking progress without opening the lid. It is taller than the original lid, allowing you to use taller utensils for cooking. The extended handle and drip-proof lid design make the cooking process more enjoyable!

An extended handle is included, allowing you to store the lid vertically, saving space.
Heat-resistant glass construction, not afraid of burning, makes cooking look more premium and delicious!
The extended handle can also be used with the original stainless steel lid.
The lid is designed with a drip-proof feature, keeping the table surface dry.

・Compatible with BRUNO Compact Hot Plate BOE021
・The extended handle can be stored vertically.
・Compatible with multi-functional grill plates, textured grill plates, ceramic deep pots, and other grill plates.
・Designed with drip-proof groove, no worries about dripping when stored vertically.
・Transparent design, allows you to monitor the cooking process at any time.
・The handle can also be replaced with the original stainless steel lid.


Product Specifications
Dimensions W307mm×H100mm×D211mm
Weight 1.5KG~ 

Glass, Phenolic Resin

Function Heat Resistance: 120℃

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