BRUNO Compact Hot Plate (Red) (bundled with 7 plates)


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【 This set includes the following products 】
・BRUNO Compact Hot Plate - Red
・BRUNO Flat Plate (Bundled Accessory / Compatible with Compact Hot Plate) x1
・BRUNO Takoyaki Plate (Bundled Accessory / Compatible with Compact Hot Plate) x1
・BRUNO Multi Plate (Optional Accessory / Compatible with Compact Hot Plate) x1
・BRUNO Grill Plate (Optional Accessory / Compatible with Compact Hot Plate) x1
・BRUNO Ceramic-coated Pot (Optional Accessory / Compatible with Compact Hot Plate) x1
・BRUNO Cake Plate (Optional Accessory / Compatible with Compact Hot Plate) x1
・BRUNO Double Steamer Rack (Optional Accessory / Compatible with Compact Hot Plate) x1

Get cooking at the table with friends!
BRUNO Compact Hot Plate has sold over 2.5 million units worldwide!

Stylish design for the table setting!

With its cast iron pan-inspired design, it satisfies the recent trend of light retro styles and various cooking occasions.
BRUNO emphasizes the unity of the main body, cover, and griddle plate, even if you simply serve food on the table, the scene will excite your guests!


Compact and cute size, practical and easy to store

Considering the sizes of electric hot plates on the market, BRUNO has specially adjusted its size to suit the portion size of 2 to 3 people, eliminating concerns about taking up too much space or insufficient cooking capacity. With a volume the size of A4 paper, it doesn't take up space on the table and can be a handy helper on your dining table every day.

Versatile accessories for snacks, desserts, and main dishes!

Comes with a flat plate and a takoyaki plate, along with the original cover, you can cook various dishes such as frying, grilling, baking, boiling, and stewing. There are even more accessories for you to mix and match, allowing you to create a variety of dishes with creativity.

65℃ to 250℃! Adjust the cooking temperature freely!

With 1200W of heating power, the multifunctional hot plate can be adjusted continuously between basic warming and 250℃ to meet the power requirements of most dishes.

Safety first! Thoughtful protection and storage design

The machine is equipped with an automatic thermostat. After reaching the set temperature, it will automatically stop heating and heat again after the temperature drops to prevent food from being overheated and burnt. After use, the griddle plate can be stacked inside the main body and put back into the packaging box for neater storage.

Various optional accessories to further enhance your cooking!

You can choose from various plates or accessories according to your cooking needs:

・Multi Plate: divided into 6 compartments, suitable for making pancakes, frying eggs, or various creative dishes
・Grill Plate: easily grill beautiful patterns when grilling steaks or meats
・Ceramic-coated Pot: suitable for making stews, hot pots, or sukiyaki, etc.
・Ceramic-coated Split Pot: cook 2 dishes at the same time
・Double Steamer Rack: steam seafood, buns, or snacks


Product Specifications
Dimensions W375mm×H140mm×D235mm
Weight 2.3KG~ (excluding the main body)

Main Body: Steel/Phenolic resin
Plate: Aluminum alloy (with fluororesin coating on the inner surface)

Heating Method Heating wire
Temperature Range 65°C to 250°C
Power Consumption Maximum 1200W
Voltage 220-240V
Plug Type HK / UK three-pin plug
Included Accessories Main body, flat plate, takoyaki plate, cover, and power cord

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