BRUNO Double Steamer Rack (for Compact Hot Plate)


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Essential for Seafood and Satiation! Easily Steam Healthy Dishes!

The dual-layer design allows you to effortlessly prepare different steamed dishes. For example, place vegetables in the first layer and seafood in the second layer, and you can have a simple dinner ready in no time!

・Please note, the Double Steamer Rack must be used with the ceramic-coated pot or the ceramic-coated split pot (sold separately); the included stainless steel metal rack must be used to support the weight.

Can be used in dual-layer or single-layer mode; stackable for space-saving storage.

Remember to place the stainless steel mesh rack during steaming to evenly distribute the weight of the food and prevent deformation.

Made with Tritan material, BPA-free, for safer use.

Made of transparent material, each product may have different textures when manufactured, but rest assured, it does not affect its functionality.

・Compatible with BRUNO Compact Hot Plate BOE021
・The circular holes on the steaming tray allow steam to permeate upwards, and also allow the essence of the ingredients to collect downwards, making it perfect for cooking seafood porridge.
・Made with safe Tritan material, BPA-free, ensuring no harmful substances are released even with prolonged use.
・Comes with two stainless steel mesh racks to evenly distribute the weight of the food during steaming for added safety.
・Compatible with Compact Hotplate and ceramic deep dish, snug fit for no steam leakage and added safety.
・Transparent design allows for easy monitoring of cooking progress.
・Set of two pieces, with both high and low steaming trays, can be used separately or simultaneously, providing more flexible steaming capacity.
・Stackable for space-saving storage.


Product Specifications
Dimensions W358mm×H150mm×D217mm
Weight 1KG~

Main body: Tritan copolyester resin, Mesh rack: Stainless steel

Function Can be used in dual-layer, stackable for storage

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