BRUNO Split Nabe Pot (for The Grande size)


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The Ultimate Kitchen Gadget for Quick Cooking of Two Dishes!

BRUNO Hot Plate Grande Size Exclusive Accessory, divided into left and right compartments, with large capacity, can cook two dishes simultaneously, suitable for making various rice, noodles, hot pot, or stew dishes.

The surface adopts a ceramic coating to prevent scratching and burning, and is easy to clean. It has a handle that is not easily heated and easy to grip.

With MAX water level reminder to prevent overcooking. The right image shows the comparison of the size of the enlarged Split Pot accessory (this product) and the Deep Pot of the Compact Hot Plate.

・Compatible with BRUNO Hot Plate Grande Size BOE026
Extra-large capacity, divided into left and right compartments
Ceramic non-stick surface
Insulated handle
Suitable for making seafood rice, sukiyaki, slow cooking, boiled fish, traditional/spicy hot pot


Product Specifications
Size W494mm×H74mm×D292mm
Weight 1.6KG~ 

Aluminum alloy/Phenolic resin/Stainless steel

Capacity 4 liters (2 liters each side)
Feature Ceramic coating

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