BRUNO Hot Plate Grande Size Set (Sea Li / bundled with 4 Plates)


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【 This set includes the following products 】
・BRUNO Hot Plate Grande Size - Sea Li x1
・BRUNO Flat Plate (Bundled Accessory / Compatible with Hot Plate Grande Size) x1
・BRUNO Takoyaki Plate (Bundled Accessory / Compatible with Hot Plate Grande Size) x1
・BRUNO Deep Pot with Steam Rack (Optional Accessory / Compatible with Hot Plate Grande Size) x1
・BRUNO Grill Plate (Optional Accessory / Compatible with Hot Plate Grande Size) x1

Let smiles gather at the table!
BRUNO Hot Plate Grande Size

Being 1.3x bigger than our popular Compact Hotplate, this upsized hotplate feeds up to a party of 8 and is perfect for a party or just a family of extra hungry foodies!

Optional add ons include the split pot nabe so you can enjoy two different hot pot or pasta bases at one go, and the supersized deep pot which allows you to steam up a feast with its huge capacity and metal steamer rack. Every tummy will be satisfied at every meal, and every meal can be cooked right at the table.

Every Grande Hotplate set comes with a hotplate machine, flat plate and takoyaki plate.

Brand new Grande size for 4-6 people! 

The grande size is the perfect size for intimate, cosy gatherings and add a warm, all-embracing stroke of color anywhere it is placed. Suitable for 4~6 people enjoyed together. The classic design concept is inspired by a traditional cast iron.

Up to 250 ℃! Full function and safe design
Can be adjusted steplessly from warming to 250 °C, the Grande size is suitable for all kinds of recipes.

Bundled with 2 famous plates
Flat plate and Takoyaki plate are included in the set. The Grande size is not only suitable for baking but also steaming. There are 35 holes in total for the Takoyaki plate, that can be baked more than the compact hot plate!


Each plate has a non-stick coating and can be used for roasting, frying or grilling.

With Non-stick coating
The plates comes with fluorine resin coating film processing, which can prevent scorching and dirt from sticking.

35 Takoyaki in one time!
The 35-hole Takoyaki plate is tailor-made for large family and parties.

Handles on both sides
There are handles on both sides, that makes the Grande size to be easiler to carry.

BRUNO logo on the handle
The handle has been re-designed, make it more easiler to grip.
Rubber legs on the bottom
With rubber legs on the bottom, it won't damage your dining table.

Wipe off dirt with a soft cloth
You can wipe off oil stains on the main unit with a soft cloth.

Remove and wash completely
Plates can be removed and washed in the sink.

A perfect gift box
A cute package with a retro design, which is suitable as a gift.

Size comparison of Compact Hot Plate and Hot Plate Grande Size.

The amount of production has also increased significantly, and which one to choose depends on the number of people who enjoy it!
Product Specifications
Size W480mm×H155mm×D280mm
Weight 4kg~ (without plates)

Main body: Steel/phenolic resin 
Plate: Aluminum alloy (inner surface fluorine resin coating film processing)

Heating Element Heating Coil
Temperature Range 65-250 degree celsius
Power Consumption 1400wattage
Voltage 220-240v
Plug type 3 pin plug, compatible and compliant for HK / UK use.
Inclusive of Main Body, Flat Plate, Takoyaki Plate, Cover and Power Cord
Manufactured in China

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