BRUNO Oval Hot Plate - Black


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【 This set includes the following products 】
・BRUNO Oval Hot Plate - Black
・BRUNO Flat Plate (Bundled Accessory / Compatible with Oval Hot Plate) x1
・BRUNO Takoyaki Plate (Bundled Accessory / Compatible with Oval Hot Plate) x1
・BRUNO Ceramic-coated Pot (Bundled Accessory / Compatible with Oval Hot Plate) x1

More Variations! New Classic Design + Rich Accessories ~
BRUNO Oval Hot Plate

Following the overwhelming success of the BRUNO Compact Hot Plate, with global sales exceeding a million units, BRUNO introduces a new model - the Oval Hot Plate! With its classic retro cast iron pot style and finer casting craftsmanship, the oval design comes in various colors including griege and black, bringing a warm and serene elegance to the home. With even more outstanding features, the Oval Hot Plate is sure to become the most eye-catching culinary artifact on the dining table~

・Upgraded 1430W heating plate for better heating effect
・Adjustable from 65°C (keep warm) to 250°C (high-temperature frying and grilling)
・Comes with flat plate, takoyaki plate (24 pieces), and oval ceramic-coated pot
・Features a rim protection barrier for easy cleaning
・Thick pressure-cast aluminum non-stick griddle plate with heat-resistant handle
・Includes silicone heat-resistant mat and stainless steel griddle plate extraction rod for easy removal of the griddle plate after cooking
・Optional accessories include grill plate, half plate, and double steamer rack

The set includes a flat plate, takoyaki plate, ceramic-coated pot, silicone mat, and plate extraction rod.
Use the plate extraction rod to easily remove the plate, then place it on the silicone mat to continue cooking other dishes in the Oval Hot Plate!

The set comes with the three most commonly used plates: the widely used flat plate, the takoyaki plate with 24 holes, and the ceramic-coated pot suitable for hot pot or juicy dishes.

Features rim protection barrier for easy cleaning after use. The heating wire is hidden inside the body of the skillet, tightly adhered to the bottom of the plate for better heat conduction. Simply adjust the temperature control lever from OFF to HI, and anyone can become a cooking expert!

Equipped with heat-resistant handles on both sides for safely moving the Hot Plate. The bottom is equipped with non-slip feet for safer operation on tabletops. The Japanese version uses a magnetic power cord, while the Hong Kong/UK version uses a standard three-prong plug. The included silicone mat makes it convenient to place the cooked food griddle on the table.

Since the heating wire is concealed inside the body, cleaning with a cloth is simpler and more convenient. The packaging box design allows for convenient storage of all griddle plates, saving space.

With various plate options, you can freely create your favorite cooking styles! Additionally, you can choose from a variety of additional plates, including grill plates, half plates, and double steamer rack.

Product Specifications
Dimensions W390mm×H150mm×D260mm
Weight 2.8KG~ (Net Body)

Main Body: Steel/Phenolic Resin

Flat Plate/Takoyaki Plate: Aluminum Alloy (Surface Fluororesin Coating)
Ceramic-coated Pot: Aluminum Alloy (Internal Ceramic Coating, External Fluororesin Coating)
Rim Protection Barrier: Steel
Plate Extraction Rod: Stainless Steel

Heating Method Heating Plate
Temperature Range 65°C to 250°C (Celsius)
Power Consumption Maximum 1430W
Voltage 220-240V
Plug Type Hong Kong / British Standard Type-G Plug
Included Accessories Main Body, Flat Plate, Takoyaki Plate, Ceramic-coated Pot, Plate Extraction Rod x 2, Silicone Mat, Power Cord

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