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Introducing the Multi Grill Pot, with upgraded features making cooking various dishes or soups easier than ever. With the appearance of a cast iron pot, it brings a touch of Japanese style to your kitchen and dining table.

The Multi Grill Pot has been upgraded for easier use! It serves multiple purposes such as steaming, boiling, frying, deep frying, stewing, and simmering. The pot can also be used on open flames and is compatible with IH induction cookers, making it convenient for everyday cooking or soup making.

You can prepare ingredients in the kitchen, place them in the pot, then transfer the pot to the power base on the dining table. Turn on the power, and the whole family can enjoy the cooking process together and savor the delicious dishes.

Compared to the old model, the lid of the Multi Grill Pot electric ceramic cooker has been upgraded! It features internal protrusions that help recirculate moisture from food-turned-steam back into the pot, preserving the original flavors of the ingredients for even tastier results!

Satisfies 3 to 4 people! Suitable for small families and parties

With a 22cm ceramic non-stick inner layer and a capacity of up to 2 liters, it's suitable for 3 to 4 people, perfect for regular family meals and various small gatherings.

Fashionable! Cast iron pot design

Designed with the classic look of a cast iron pot, its lines and patterns exude elegance, making it a stylish addition to both the kitchen and dining table, resembling a piece of art!

Customizable! Infinite temperature control

WARM Approx. 70°C to 120°C
LOW Approx. 120°C to 150°C
MED Approx. 150°C to 180°C
HI Approx. 180°C to 240°C

Note: Stable temperatures measured under continuous heating with cooking oil.


Versatile! Endless cooking possibilities

[Hot Pot] With a powerful 1,200W heating power, reaching temperatures of up to 240°C, it can quickly heat up and maintain a boil for hot pot dishes.
[Frying・Boiling] The ceramic inner pot is resistant to burning and sticking, making it suitable for frying or boiling, and easy to clean.
[Steaming] Using the included steaming rack, you can easily prepare steamed vegetables, desserts, or various types of dumplings.
[Deep Frying] When frying, you can use the stainless steel deep frying lid to prevent oil splatter, making it safer and cleaner.
[Stewing・Simmering] With enough capacity to cook rice for 3 cups, the new water-drop design lid effectively locks in moisture, resulting in excellent stewing or simmering!

Rich accessories

Comes with various accessories including a steaming rack and stainless steel deep frying lid.

New lid design

The lid is thicker and heavier than the old model, effectively preventing moisture loss and enhancing the flavor of the dishes.

Moisture recycling design

The new water-drop design lid recycles moisture from food-turned-steam back into the food, preserving the original flavors of the ingredients for even tastier results!

Multiple heating methods

Maximum heat up to 240 °C, with infinite adjustment, and a powerful 1,200W heating power. Additionally, the detachable upper pot can be used on both open flames and IH cooktops, allowing for more versatility in cooking methods.


The upper pot is equipped with heat-resistant handles on both sides, making it easy to lift and place on the stove at any time.

Easy to clean

The new electric ceramic cooker heating structure features a glass ceramic heating plate. Simply wipe with a damp cloth to clean stains on the power base.


・New 1,200W electric ceramic cooker heating design, enhanced glass heating surface
・New water-drop design lid, effectively locks in moisture for waterless cooking
・Four-in-one: stewing/frying/steaming/deep frying, suitable for Cantonese-style hot pot
・Pot body can be heated on open flames or induction cookers, making cooking more diverse
・22cm ceramic non-stick inner layer, maximum capacity 2L, suitable for 3 to 4 people
・Combined with an electric cooker, move cooking to the living room
・Adjustable from 70°C (keep warm) to 240°C (hot pot)
・1.8-meter detachable power cord
・Comes with steaming rack and deep frying lid


Product Specifications
Dimensions W310mm×H235mm×D225mm
Weight 3KG~ (net body)

Body: Steel, glass
Pot: Aluminum alloy (outer fluororesin coating, inner ceramic coating), stainless steel
Lid: Aluminum alloy (outer fluororesin coating, inner ceramic coating)
Steaming rack/Deep frying lid: Stainless steel

Heating Method Heating wire
Temperature Range 70°C to 240°C
Power Consumption Maximum 1200W
Voltage 220-240V
Plug HK / UK standard three-pin plug
Included Accessories Main body, pot, deep frying cover, lid, steaming rack, and power cord

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