BRUNO IH Cooking Heater – Blue Gray


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Japanese-style Soft-tone Induction Cooker
Gather around the dining table and enjoy piping hot food together!

Gathering around the dining table and enjoying piping hot food together is the happiest thing! The BRUNO IH Cooking Heater allows you to admire its Japanese-style soft-tone design while indulging in delicious hot food. It's suitable for multiple users and offers various cooking functions with its compact body, allowing you to place it on the dining table every day and create a Japanese-style home!


Enjoy High-Heat Cooking at the Table!

Designed with European-style stoves in mind, this tabletop IH induction cooker exudes a fashionable look. Simply place it on your dining table, and it instantly becomes your favorite mini kitchen, allowing you to easily adjust heating power through the twist of a knob, from high-heat frying to dish warming. The top features a glass design for easy cleaning and comprehensive safety functions.

In addition to automatic power-off, pot detection, and overheat prevention functions, it also features child lock and other safety functions.

You can select from 5 levels of heat through the knob, and there are separate buttons for high-heat frying and warming, suitable for different occasions.

The timer function allows you to select 5 to 20 minutes. The surface is made of glass material, making it easy to clean.


◆ The compact size accommodates steaming, frying, hotpot, frying, and warming functions, suitable for multiple users
◆ Upgraded to 1800W, providing stronger heat
◆ Equipped with a countdown timer function (5-20 mins) for easier cooking time control
◆ Removable 1.8m power cord for easy storage
◆ Energy label: Grade 3
◆ 5 major safety functions: automatic power-off, pot detection, foreign object detection, child lock, and overheat power-off protection

- Automatic power-off: Automatically powers off after continuous heating for 2 hours without any operation and enters standby mode
- Pot detection: No heating when there's no pot on the panel or the pot is removed while heating
- Foreign object detection: Heating stops when an unusable pot or object other than a pot is placed on the panel
- Child lock: Long press the power button for about 3 seconds to activate or deactivate this function
- Overheat power-off protection: Automatically powers off and stops heating when the internal temperature of the body overheats


Product Specifications
Dimensions W277mm×H64mm×D318mm
Weight 1.7KG~ (Net body)
Material ABS resin, heat-resistant ceramic glass
Power Cord Length Removable power cord 1.8 meters
Functions Mode: Heating / Frying / Warming
Heat Levels: 5
Timer: 5 to 20 minutes
Safety Features: Automatic power-off, pot detection, foreign object detection, child lock, overheat power-off protection
Compatible Cookware: Diameter of pot bottom 12-21 cm (warming and general heating) / 12-18 cm (frying mode)
Power Consumption Maximum 1200W
Voltage 220-240V
Plug HK / British standard three-pin plug
Included Accessories Main body, detachable power cord

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