BRUNO Compact Kettle - Blue Gray


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Winter essential, make a cup of warm hot drink, and enjoy the warmth of winter! BRUNO launches the new Compact Kettle, equipped with 4 temperature and 3 time settings, suitable for brewing different hot teas and drinks, the compact body can make 500ml portions, it does not take up space on the home and work desk. The detachable glass pot is made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass material, resistant to cold and hot temperature differences, and easy to clean.

There are two modes available:

1. Time Mode
・60/85/100°C heating and keeping warm at 55°C after heating, or 45°C heating mode
・55°C warm mode can be maintained for about 8 hours, suitable for brewing Chinese and Western teas

2. Temperature Mode
・100°C boiling and continuous heating for 10/30/60 minutes after boiling, stewing sweet soup or health soup


◆ 4 temperature adjustments to make different hot drinks


◆ Small machine with large capacity, 500ml portion size to meet your needs


◆ Detachable glass pot made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass, resistant to cold and hot temperature differences


Product Specifications
Dimensions W113mm×H212mm×D154mm
Weight 0.9KG~ (Net weight)

Approximately 500ml

Power Consumption Maximum 400W
Voltage 220-240V
Plug HK / UK Standard three-pin plug

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