BRUNO Compact Multi Grill Pot - Blue Green BOE115-BGR


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Enjoy piping hot dishes on your dining table!
BRUNO Compact Multi Grill Pot, perfect for 1-2 people!

Quickly switch out the included grill plate to make main dishes or side dishes.
From quickly stewed dishes to healthy steamed and grilled dishes, it can make it all, allowing you to enjoy delicious food all year round. Make cooking on your dining table more convenient, add color to your daily meals, why not?

Key Features


800ml! Suitable for cooking 1-2 servings

Compact Multi Grill Pot has a capacity of approximately 800ml, perfect for cooking 2 cups of white rice. Plus, all components can be stacked, saving even more space during storage.

Never go hungry! Quickly cook dishes anytime!


Simple and easy-to-use accessories, even for cooking beginners

Stylish design with the appearance of an enamel pot, you can place it in the kitchen or on the table, enjoying it like indoor decor.

Easy to clean: simple maintenance.
Stepless temperature control: precise temperature adjustment.
Space-saving: space-saving design.

With a capacity of approximately 800ml, it's the ideal size for 1-2 servings. With two handles, it's easy to carry and convenient to use when you're hungry, and easy to store.

With a heat-resistant glass lid, you can see the cooking process on the lid. It can adjust the temperature, from keeping warm to high temperature.

The knob (handle) with BRUNO logo. The main body design is simple and easy to wipe clean, with all components except the main body being washable.



Product Specifications
Size W230mm×H195mm×D200mm
Capacity Approximately 800ml
Weight 1.5kg〜
Power Cord 1.2 meters
Power Consumption 600W
Voltage 220-240v
Functions Safety features (thermostat, temperature fuse), temperature control
Material Main body: Steel
Steamer: Stainless steel
Cookware: Stainless steel
Glass lid: Glass, stainless steel
Grill plate: Aluminum plate with steel coating (internally coated with fluororesin)
Plug Type HK / UK standard 3-pin plug, suitable for and compliant with use in Hong Kong.

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