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Basic Kitchen Tools + Simple Techniques + Creative Ideas ─
Really One-Pot, Endless Variations!

• No Need to Fear Cooking, Popular Dishes with Basic Kitchen Tools!

Who says you need the trendiest cooking gadgets or the most expensive branded tableware to cook? With just one cooking pan, a myriad of dishes can appear at your fingertips! The most practical skillet can handle frying, boiling, steaming, stewing, baking, braising, roasting... you name it!

• Perfect for Entertaining, Casual Snacks, Western Cuisine, Chinese Feasts, Exquisite Desserts... Everything You Need!

Think a cooking pan is just for stir-frying? Think again! Demonstrated by Sandy Mama, author of several bestselling cookbooks, this book showcases how a skillet alone can create creative delicacies for different occasions, from roasted chicken and pork ribs to soups, tempura, baked cakes... The cooking pan is unexpectedly versatile!

Shopping and Maintenance! Experience the Wisdom of Quality Skillet Selection and Care 

Don't have a cooking pan yet? This book includes a variety of featured cooking pan on the market along with their characteristics, and briefly describes tips for selection and precautions for maintenance, allowing you to confidently choose the product that best suits you.

Get Hands-On with Popular Recipe Author Sandy Mama! Experience the Most Authentic Hong Kong Flavors!

This book, conceived and produced by popular cookbook author Sandy Mama, has been supported by over ten thousand Facebook fans! Drawing on decades of cooking experience, it collects cooking inspirations from various cuisines and presents them with authentic Hong Kong ingredients and cooking methods.

Author's Bio

Sandy Mama @ Moonmoon Kitchen

Native of Hong Kong, grew up assisting her mother in the kitchen, helping her buy groceries at the market; as she established her own family, she became the chef at home, preparing dinner for her family every day, and her interest in cooking grew stronger. By chance, she started sharing recipes online, sharing cooking experiences with the public. Luckily, she was appreciated by the publishing house and was invited to publish her recipes. Sharing years of cooking experience with others, she hopes every reader can enjoy the fun of cooking and prepare rich, delicious, and healthy dishes for their loved ones.


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Dimensions W165mm×H220mm
Pages 112 pages
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45 recipes

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