BALMUDA The Toaster - White + Nodahoro Enamel Tray


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【 This set includes the following products 】
・BALMUDA The Toaster 3rd Gen K05E - White x1
・BALMUDA x Nodahoro Made in Japan Enamel Tray x1

Achieving Heartfelt Delicacy with Steam and Perfect Temperature Control

BALMUDA The Toaster is designed with a modern classic aesthetic, drawing inspiration from the old furnaces found throughout Europe and America, carefully selected from thousands of design drafts. Surprisingly, it incorporates intelligent baking functions. To achieve exquisite finished products, BALMUDA's developers meticulously test the oven temperature while adjusting the heaters one second at a time, continuously refining the results with precise calculations.

The third generation of BALMUDA The Toaster not only inherits the award-winning design of the past but also redesigns the window shape, dial, and handle, adding a power button for automatic shutdown after 30 seconds of inactivity to save energy. Its classic black and white appearance makes it easier to complement any home environment.


The highest quality toast is characterized by a thin layer of caramelized crust, while maintaining ample moisture in the middle, providing a warm and steamy texture. BALMUDA The Toaster thoroughly studies toast from a scientific perspective, successfully developing exclusive steam technology and precise temperature control, allowing everyone to easily bake astonishingly delicious toast at home!

The Magical Effect of Adding 5cc of Water

When using BALMUDA The Toaster to bake toast, use a measuring cup to pour 5cc of water into the water tank. This fills the oven with steam during operation, covering the bread with moisture. The water vaporizes rapidly, causing the surface to slightly caramelize, while retaining the moisture and fat components of the bread inside, preserving the aroma.

Perfect Temperature Control

BALMUDA The Toaster's precise temperature control allows it to manipulate the important temperature ranges for baking three types of toast, effortlessly producing the highest quality delicious toast. The first temperature is 60℃, which revives the softness and flavor of the bread's interior (starch gelatinization); the second is 160℃, which caramelizes the bread crust; and the last one is 220℃, which chars (carbonizes) the surface.

5 Practical Operation Modes

BALMUDA The Toaster features 5 built-in operation modes, including Toast, Cheese Toast, French Bread, Croissant, and Classic modes. Ingeniously using these 5 modes allows for baking various delicious breads.

The Secret to Baking Delicious Bread

BALMUDA carefully analyzes the characteristics of bread and adjusts accordingly. For example, toast has a curved top and a flat bottom. To achieve the ideal result, position the curved top towards the toaster window.

Create More Delicious Dishes Using Traditional Mode

In addition to various modes tailored for toast, traditional baking modes using top and bottom heating are available, including 3 different temperatures: 170℃, 220℃, and 250℃.

● 170℃
Heated at 160℃ for about 3 minutes, suitable for reheating cooked food or making snacks.

● 220℃
Heated at 220℃ for about 3 minutes, suitable for baking.

● 250℃
Heated at 250℃ for about 1.5 minutes, suitable for grilling mochi and baking.

・Third generation BALMUDA The Toaster
・Added power button, 30-second automatic shutdown
・Improved temperature control for better baking results
・Patented steam injection technology preserves bread moisture
・Electronic temperature control technology reaches set temperature in 2 minutes
・Temperature control and steam technology deliver delightful flavors
・5 preset operation modes for easier baking of delicious food
・Reheating brings a fresh-baked taste
Product Specifications
Size W357mm×H209mm×D321mm
Weight 4.4KG~ (net body)
Power Cord

1 meter

Power Consumption Maximum 1300W
Voltage 220-240V
Plug HK / UK Standard Three-Prong Plug

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