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BALMUDA The Speaker

The Brilliance of Music

A unique speaker that creates clear, three-dimensional sound.
Featuring lights that precisely synchronize with the music.
We deliver the energy of sound to both your ears and eyes, creating a whole new musical experience.

For music lovers, by music lovers

This project was a labor of love for BALMUDA's CEO and Founder Gen Terao. Having spent his previous days in a rock band, this speaker holds a special place in his heart. His goal was to design a speaker that could emulate the thrilling sensation of live music.

Live stage experience from your home

The high quality acoustics reproduce the vocally-driven and three dimensional sound of a live performance. The lights recreate the visual excitement of a concert.

This speaker is designed to recreate a full sensorial immersion into live music. The light tubes placed inside the speaker act as the embodiment of three band members performing on stage.

Welcome to your very own live music experience from home!

The 2022 Esquire Gadget Awards
“Best Bluetooth Speaker”

“BALMUDA The Speaker brings
the concert to you”


Music your way

Portable and rechargeable. Compatible with Bluetooth® and AUX input.

With 360° omnidirectional sound, you and everyone around you can enjoy the music together.

Take the power of music with you wherever you go.

Sound that you can see

Inside the speaker are three tubes set with LED lights that correlate with the music. The lights are precisely synchronized at a speed of 0.004 seconds. This effect delivers an uplifting experience similar to a live stage performance.

Three distinct light experiences

Beat Mode

Full music and light synchronization that provides a fully immersive experience.


Ambient Mode

Gentle music synchronization with moderate flickering.


Candle Mode

A consistent flickering that provides a calm glow, regardless of the music.


A unique technology that brings the true thrill of music

BALMUDA The Speaker creates the feeling of a live concert.
It is rechargeable, portable, and compatible with Bluetooth® and AUX input.
You can enjoy this musical experience wherever you go.

360° of sound - A complete music journey

Unique design with a speaker installed facing upward. Sound is diffused in an upward direction, allowing for any number of people to enjoy three-dimensional sound regardless of their listening position.

Excellent sound reproduction

The 77mm range capabilities seamlessly reproduce the entire sound range, realistically recreating vocals and instruments. It delivers honest sound to the listener without unnatural distortion.

Three-dimensional sound imaging

The unique drive unit produces a sound image with depth -- with bass as if it was coming from below, treble from above, and vocals from in front of the listener.

Clear and contoured sound

The beautiful tubes, similar to a vacuum tube, is made of organic glass that is fortified and durable. The sealed enclosure also provides a spring-like action of tightly trapped air, resulting in a clear and crisp sound.

Brilliance that enhances the groove

The LED unit shines like a live stage in time with the music. The precise and intricate glow consists of slight variations in light color, intensity, and blinking speed. It amplifies the vibe of every song.

Product Specifications
Unit Dimensions 105 mm × 188 mm
Weight Approx. 1.0kg
(including the built-in battery)
Power Consumption 15W
Power Supply DC 5 V, lithium-ion polymer battery
Battery Charging Time Approx. 2.5 hours
Continuous operation time on the battery (with the Bluetooth connection) Approx. 7 hours
Speaker 77mm in diameter (full range)
Enclosure Type Closed type
Input External input terminal(ø1/8 in. [3.5 mm], stereo mini jack)
Operating Temperature Range 32 to 104°F (0 to 40°C)
Color Black / White

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